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Karl Fischer's 482 Greenwich Street Returns to Artsy Roots

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Last time renderings popped up for 482 Greenwich Street, it appeared that all traces of sculptor Arman, whose studio stood on the site, had disappeared. But the disappearance isn't, as it turns out, permanent. The Journal explains that a three-story bronze Arman sculpture will be attached to the side of the Karl Fischer-designed building, at the corner of Canal and Greenwich. The building will also be called The Arman in tribute. His widow will even, as part of a deal with new developer Magnum Real Estate Group?the original developer gave up the project during the recession, following a dispute over Arman's estate?get apartments and two parking spaces in the building. The rest of the units should hit the market in January, with the ask on a 2,500-square-foot 3BR coming in at a little under $4 million.

Update: after the jump, the latest look of 482 Greenwich, showing Arman rising over Canal Street.

482 Greenwich Street minus the corner balconies, with the bronze Arman sculpture rising over Canal Street and contrasting with tan bricks:

The interior designers at Grade tell the Journal the apartments will have "industrial touches" that are Arman-inspired. Here's one model unit image.
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482 Greenwich Street

482 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013