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Stepped Up Condo Set to Rise at Soho's 182 Spring Street

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A little 1920s taxpayer sitting on the southwest corner of Spring and Thompson at the edge of Soho will soon be coming down to make way for a 7-story mixed-use plan from the Canadian development team at Nordica Soho, who bought the plot earlier this year for $10,100,000. What will rise at 182 Spring Street are two floors for retail and an ambulatory care facility, all topped by five tiered floors of residential condos. The plan, featuring a set-back balconied duplex penthouse and a third floor terrace overlooking Spring?all perfectly positioned for eyeing handball tournaments across the way?comes from the creative team at Currimbhoy & Co. and Gruzen Samton Architects.
Pre-cast concrete will be used for the exterior, the paneling provided by the Canadian crew at BPDL, the same team who did the exteriors at the new Fiterman Hall for CUNY. Detailing will surround the setbacks, and the penthouse will be topped by rings of Jaisalmer limestone from India, carved with images inspired by the Tree of Life. Floorplans for the three 2BR full-floor units offer open living, and the roomy duplex penthouse displays over 100 feet of wrap-around terrace topped by two big bedrooms, each with a balcony. The 2,845-square-foot plot is in the hoped-for South Village Historic District and the proposed demolition at 182 Spring Street is cited by a whole list of political preservationists pushing for protections around the old neighborhood. There are some zoning issues still pending, but signs for this project point to a "go" in 2012.
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