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Cigar Magnate's Old Townhouse Lets Us Down, Asks Nearly $35M

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When we see a listing pop up for a $34,800,000 townhouse on the Upper East Side, we have some expectations. Maybe it's because the place is used as a gallery and residence, but 19 East 82nd Street— built for cigar manufacturer Edward A. Kerbs — is letting us down. The interiors are pretty bland, and there's really no wow factor. It's got space, though, it's a hefty 11,000 square feet on a block right off the park. But does location and size justify the asking price? Considering how this block isn't new to pricechops, we may have answered our own question.
· Listing: 19 East 82nd Street [Judson]

19 East 82nd Street

19 East 82nd Street, New York, NY