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A Purple and Cerulean Adventure in the Olympic Tower

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There's always been a certain bombast we appreciate from the Olympic Tower at 641 Fifth Avenue. Whether it's the $60,000/month Gucci hot tub rental or Anne Hathaway ex Raffaello Follieri's massive 7,750 square foot rental asking $55k/month, the building always has something interesting going on. Our reaction was a little different when we saw the listing for this two bedroom unit, since it looks like the apartment itself wants the attention rather than the resident. A study in aqua tones, this 36th floor apartment asks $4,100,000 for its 1,800 square feet. It'll be a nice profit, considering the place sold for $2.85M back in '06. Think you can get past the furniture to see the blue beauty for what it really is?

· Listing: 641 Fifth Avenue 36A

Olympic Tower

645 5th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022