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Stage Curtains, Florals, and Lavender: A That's Rather Hideous Double Feature

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While combing Streeteasy for new selections for the Six Digit Club, we came across this little gem in the West Village. Unfortunately for all you prospective buyers out there, this baby isn't for sale. Or, well, it is, but it's rent controlled and the tenant doesn't plan on moving. S/he likes things just the way they are, thank you, with drawn theater curtains instead of a shower curtain and a bathroom sink that's wearing a skirt.
In other aesthetic news, a previous That's Rather Hideous entry is back, having apparently failed to learn its lesson the first time. You may remember Ocean Blue Residence in Bushwick, a building designed by developer Abe Greene after he took a bunch of Ambien and read the entire collected works of Dr. Seuss. An article from Bushwick BK mentioned this summer that the plan was to pair Ocean Blue Residence with a purple cousin, Lavender Residence, a few blocks away at 85 Cornelia Street (more on the building's rent-stabilized status in the comments there). Well, a neighborhood tipster tells us that building is currently being gutted, which means that the lavender and white checks aren't too far off. And since none of us can wait for that day to arrive, we photoshopped our own rendering of what the new building might look like:

?Jeremiah Budin
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