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A Treadwell Farm Landmark Townhouse on an Obscure Block

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The Treadwell Farm Historic District, formed in 1967, is one of the city's oldest landmarked spreads, encompassing 61st and 62nd Streets between Second and Third Avenues. The townhouse at 244 East 62nd Street sits right in the midst and seems to be just as well preserved as the District itself. Currently listed for $7M, the home undercuts most of its competition across Third Avenue, but has to contend with the nearby entrance to the 59th Street Bridge. Luckily, the eastbound 62nd Street sees less traffic than the westbound streets on this side of the bridge. The house's three bedrooms are complemented by a classic treed garden and a top-floor loft with two terraces.

· 244 East 62nd Street [Elliman]