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More Cat Architecture; Hotel Chelsea's Renovation Sneak Peak

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MIDTOWN WEST?As discussed yesterday, the second annual Giving Shelter event, at which big-name architects display designs for winter shelters for feral cats, was held last night. Participants and event coordinators have passed along a few more images of the designs, collected in the gallery above. The team from H3 would like to note that their shelter cost less than $100 to build. But the collaboration between Co Adaptive Architecture and Kathryn Walton walked away with the prize. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?Residents of the Hotel Chelsea were invited to a top-secret meeting last night for a sneak peek at the renovation plans for the building. How secret? We hear each resident was required to sign in. No photos were allowed, which means we don't know much beyond one attendee's comment that the redo looks condo-like and none too subtle. Residents were particularly concerned about plans for the roof. Anyone have more intel?
Several Hotel Chelsea residents also write in that there was an altercation yesterday between two permanent hotel residents and a group of construction workers. Here's one resident's account:

I'm a permanent resident and invited two Local 79 union reps as my guests to check out the non-union demolition taking place around our ears. On November 14th the hotel received a Stop Work Order from the Dept of Environmental Protection whose agents found an unsafe asbestos abatement in progress. As soon as management heard union reps were there and had identified asbestos being carted out, all hell broke loose -- six or seven construction workers ganged up on me and began throwing punches and kicks in the 3rd Floor hallway as cameras rolled.

When I realized I'd forgotten my apartment key at my office, I exited the hotel (still with union reps) and the thugs were waiting for us under the awning. Punches soon began flying at my head and when we tried to leave 23rd Street altogether the hardhat crew followed us all the way to 7th Avenue where a fistfight broke out in the middle of traffic. One of them grabbed an eyewitness's camera and smashed it on the ground while another scooped it up and tried making off with it.

Hotel Chelsea

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