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An Early Look at the Year's Priciest Sales by Apartment Size

As the end of the year approaches, we're going to see lots of recapping-the-market stats. One of the first sets crossed our desk this week?an analysis by PropertyShark of the market shares of various apartment sizes. Turns out the proportions have stayed fairly steady over the past two years (data about bedroom counts is available for about 75 percent of closed sales). The more you know!

The folks at Pshark also pulled out the most expensive property sold this year for most of the apartment categories. There are no huge surprises among the answers in terms of buildings?and many of the apartments have appeared around these parts before?but the numbers are still eye-popping. The honor of year's most expensive studio sale belongs to #41C at 400 Fifth Avenue, sold for a whopping $1,008,068.
The most expensive 1BR sold was #1701 at 781 Fifth Avenue, which traded hands for $5,118,750. The priciest 2BR was #17 at 812 Fifth Avenue?we're sensing a theme here?for $10.6 million. And the most expensive three-bedroom is, unsurprisingly, in 15 Central Park West, where #27A sold for $24.5 million. Of course, there are still a few weeks left in the year, so maybe there will be a deal to beat them all.

Team PropertyShark also calculated the median sales price in each size category:

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