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One of Park Avenue's Glassy Sliver Buildings is Nearly Sold Out

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One of the newest modern additions to storied and often-staid Park Avenue, 949 Park, is finally on the cusp of selling out. After a series of marketing moves that left the units listed then delisted then listed under different names, the building has just one unit left to sell. The last one is a doozy though, a 2,983-square-foot triplex that's the largest unit in the building. The three-bedroom condo goes a little heavy on the stairs for our taste and the kitchen is nothing to rave about, but the trio of balconies and floor-to-ceiling glass walls are a rarity on Park. It remains to be seen if there's a buyer willing to cough up $6.75M for this cramped floor plan, but we'd imagine that the lack of a co-op board would be enough to entice some Damien Hirst-loving Ruskie.

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949 Park Avenue

949 Park Avenue, New York, NY