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Slow-Moving Karl Fischer Rental Hits 'Burg Market

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For all the brainspace we devote to Karl Fischer, it's been years since we've talked about one 'Burg Hot Karl project, 205 North 9th Street. The lot was a stalled site and then a squatters' paradise. Now, it's actually?brace?a real, almost-finished rental building called The Driggs. Brownstoner spots the first listings for the apartments, allegedly prepping for occupancy in January and February. Prices so far range from $2,000/month for a studio to $4,475/month for a 2BR. Amenities: virtual doorman, parking, and gym.
The brokerbabble describes the building aesthetic approach like this:

Imagine we shared a canvas with all of Williamsburg, allowing the creative energy, the mystery and romance of untold history, the vibrant elegance of the park, the unmistakable rhythem of this neighborood, the distinct smells, the enviable styles- Imagine we painted all these elements into one building?.Boasting luxury amenities, designer details, and incredible living spaces for the busy, creative, animated, provocative, magnificent and real person that you are." Looking at the interior renderings from the corner penthouse listings, we might need to keep using our imagination:

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The Driggs

205 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn, New York 11211