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Comedian Sells Chelsea Co-op At Not-So-Funny Price

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A tipster informs us that actor/comedian/former Saturday Night Live cast member Horatio Sanz has just sold his 2BR, 1BA Chelsea co-op at 207 West 21st Street. "Surprisingly charming and unassuming," our tipster writes, and we'd have to agree. Slightly less charming: the final sale price. The place sold for $760,000, after a series of PriceChops from its original ask of $899,000. We can't find a record of how much Sanz paid for the place originally, so it's possible he's still walking away with a profit. Even so, looks like he's making at least a small sacrifice to get the deal: according to the listing, "The actual maintenance is $2,193.36/month, the seller is offering a 1 year rebate of $393.36/month to be paid at the closing."
· Listing: 207 West 21st Street [Elliman]
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