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Puck Penthouse Plan Inches Closer to Landmarks Approval

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Yesterday at the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the team from Kushner Properties and PKSB Architects presented a third plan for their mega-penthouse proposal atop the Puck Building. They left without an approval, but appear to be just inches from the finish line. Make that 48 inches, since a major sticking point was a snafu with the mock-up that had been hastily erected on top of the Puck, a "regrettable situation of this netting being at the wrong height" and showing an outline four feet higher than the plan on paper. The latest design, presented by PKSB's Sherida Paulsen, has been cut back in response to LPC objections to the original massive screened-in plan and the second glassy plan dubbed the "top hat." Both of those very visible proposals were turned down following previous hearings at LPC.
The new Puck plan has been revised all around, showing 8th and 9th floor additions that retain the same footprint as before, but with revised ceiling heights lowered from 12 feet to 10 feet. The all new penthouse proposal for the 10th and 11th floors, contextually wrapped in brick, has lost some square footage and dropped the ceilings to 8 feet. Also new are crenelations on the lower section of the Puck over East Houston Street, built to match the originals atop the taller south section above Jersey Street. Those added parapets, fashioned in brick and capped in faux stone, will help to hide the new additions. The Commissioners were pleased with the corseted and constrained revisions, noting that the plan is "down to the punch list" and indicating that the remaining kinks can be ironed out with the help of LPC staff. Apparently approval is on the horizon, a little late for Jared and Ivanka's anniversary but perhaps in time for a holiday celebration.
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