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Inwood's Prefabulous Box Building Comes Back to Life

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Prefab construction: it's all the rage these days. In fact, not only are new such projects popping up, but a prefab project we thought was long dead has returned. Remember 4857 Broadway? The 28-unit rental building first got our attention with a wild rendering in summer 2009, with plans calling for seven stories from Peter Gluck & Partners, to be built in Pennsylvania over the course of three months, installed over eight days, and opened in spring 2010. Except for the part where it was built, installed, and opened.

But the same architects have filed a fresh permit for the building, according to PropertyShark, so maybe it'll go up after all. The new permit calls for one additional story. Anyone know whether the same "plaid" panel-and-window exterior is still planned?
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Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY