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Christmas Shopping: 10 Pieds-a-Terre Under $1 Million

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A pied-a-terre (French for "foot on the ground") is a term used to describe a small city apartment that rich people buy and live in for part of the year. Here's a fun fact about pieds-a-terre: some buildings do not allow them. That's right, rich people, if you want apartments in those buildings, you have to live in them all the time. Because... um... well, there are probably really good reasons. Maybe the apartment will get lonely. Maybe the other residents of the building have lots of pot-luck dinners and if everybody doesn't bring something there isn't enough variety. That's probably it. We know how you rich people love pot-luck dinners.

Anyway, since it's (sorry—tis) the season for buying stuff, here are ten suitable homes-away-from-home currently for sale in New York City for under $1 million (ordered from most to least expensive).

10) 120 Greenwich Street #PH2
Price: $789,000
The Skinny: This penthouse unit in Greenwich South features a living room with an 18-foot ceiling and a large skylight, and an open kitchen with a Brazilian granite island. The building's amenities include a concierge, a health club, and a roof deck. Pretty good for part-time, no?

9) 50 Park Avenue #15A
Price: $675,000
The Skinny: This 850-square-foot, newly renovated apartment is located right near Grand Central, which could be very convenient if any of your other homes are in Westchester.

8) 343 East 74th Street #1201
Price: $585,000
The Skinny: This fully furnished apartment features a rooftop deck, a 24-hour gym in the building, and a washer/dryer in the unit. In case, y'know, your other home doesn't have one.

7) 11 Riverside Drive #5LE
Price: $389,000
The Skinny: This alcove studio boasts a large open kitchen and the building, apparently, features a lending library.

6) 300 East 62nd Street #805
Price: $379,000
The Skinny: This studio apartment is located in a building with a very swanky lobby (see picture) and includes a doorman and a marble bath.

5) 247 West 102nd Street
Price: $295,000
The Skinny: A carved over-mantle and custom oak paneling make this Upper West Side co-op stand out architecturally, and the brokerbabble also makes mention of "period wall scones." Sounds delicious! (Okay, we're pretty sure they meant sconces.)

4) 508 East 78th Street #3M
Price: $280,000
The Skinny: This three-room 1BR in The Cherokee features multi-tinted paint finishes, oak floors, and a floor-to-ceiling window with a Juliet balcony facing the building's private courtyard.

3) 301 East 22nd Street #9B
Price: $279,000
The Skinny: This Gramercy Park co-op is newly renovated and has been on the market for less than a week.

2) 528 West 238th Street #4F
Price: $158,000
The Skinny: This pre-war Riverdale co-op was listed for $195,000 in February, and has since taken several price cuts which currently total 19% of the original asking price. It has high ceilings, hardwood floors, and French doors. Pros: it's cheap. Cons: it's in Riverdale.

1) 5615 Netherland Avenue #4F
Price: $88,000
The Skinny: Well, the location isn't the best and it looks kind of tiny, but for $88,000 who could resist? It could be a pied-a-terre for your pied-a-terre.
-Jeremiah Budin
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