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Paparazzi Stalk 1 WTC; Noisy Neighbors in Astor Place

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The hot thing to do down in Lower Manhattan right now is taking pictures of the rise of 1 World Trade Center. Tribeca Citizen just published a two-part series (Part 1, Part 2) of reader-submitted pics of the tower, and now there's 1 WTC View, a Tumblr compiling even more shots of the steel. There's 1 WTC at night, 1 WTC through the windows of Century 21, and so many more. [Tribeca Citizien; 1 WTC View]

EAST VILLAGE?Think the hottest topic within the walls of the Sculpture for Living building is the proposed new pedestrian plaza outside? Nah-ah. A tipster at 445 Lafayette is too busy dealing with the racket of renovations to think about old Indian trails: "The building is allowing excessively loud construction noise in some apartments (including chipping guns splitting up floors and walls, etc) which has already occurred for a few weeks and is anticipated to persist for months. The noise is deafening, and constant every day from 9am-5pm. Any pleas to the building manager and the management company to give advance notice as to when the periods of extreme noise are scheduled, or attempts to otherwise mitigate quality-of-life issues, have been totally ignored." Question: Has there ever been a quiet construction job? Maybe a library? [CurbedWire Inbox]