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Second Chance to Make an $8 Million Impression on Park Avenue

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Been a while since we dipped into the mothball-covered madness that is Park Avenue. (Get it? The people are old!) Here's something that's new to market, but not new to the market. It's a 3BR/4BA on the ninth floor of 983 Park Avenue?not one of the Gold Coast's most prestigious addresses, but a classic nonetheless. The asking price on the Avenue New York listing is $8,250,000, which is a familiar story: It was asking the same thing in 2009. It's had four other prices dating back to 2007, with a low of $6.95 million and a high of $9 million. What's the issue? Probably not the floorplan, which comes complete with an exercise room right off the kitchen. Perfect for guilting you into some cardio after snacking on Oreos.

· Listing: 983 Park Avenue [Avenue New York]