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Screenwriter Pays $2 Million for Prospect Heights Condo

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The next most exciting new residents of a neighborhood after celebrities might be the boldface names' advance guard: people who got rich off of celebrities. Like screenwriter Todd A. Kessler, a former Sopranos scribe who appears to be the buyer of a 4BR, 3BA condo at 162 St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights. The apartment, in a 22'-wide brownstone that turned condo in 2007, was asking only $1.679 million when it hit the market at the end of September. We use the word only because of how much Kessler just paid for the apartment: $2,005,000, or 19.4 percent over the asking price. Looking at the listing photos, we can't say we blame him. With the exception of a few pricier sales at 1 Grand Army Plaza, the deal is the most expensive the neighborhood has seen in a while.

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