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'Eviction Powder' Couldn't Stop Park Slope's Gentrification

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Before Park Slope was scientifically proven to be New York's best neighborhood, one full of painstakingly restored townhouses and fair trade espressos, it was "predominantly black and lower-class. The brownstones were crumbling, stores were shuttered, blocks were burnt out." That's according to Daily Show writer and Slope resident Elliot Kalan, whose film series at the 92Y Tribeca will screen 1970's The Landlord tomorrow night.

The Hal Ashby film stars Beau Bridges as an upper-class type who settles in the "ghetto" of Park Slope. (Exteriors were shot on Prospect Place.) Check out the clip posted by the 92Y blog. If voodoo really was used to stop "the beautiful people" from moving in, guess we can put away our cow skulls because the darn thing don't work.
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51 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY