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Donald Trump Promises Tasteful Addition to Tavern on the Green

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Gaze up at one of Donald Trump's monolithic glass-and-brass towers and you might think that the Man With the Golden Haircut has no love for traditional architecture or its preservation. But, oh, how you'd be wrong! One potentially controversial part of Trump's plan to pump $20 million into reopening Central Park's storied Tavern on the Green is his desire to rebuild the Crystal Room, the gaudy dining space built in the '70s and torn down last year. That returned the building to its original sheepfold configuration, and park officials might not be pleased if Trump wants to insert another modern intrusion into the 19th century structure. But Trump, who says he needs a new Crystal Room to make the deal work, is willing to compromise, the Post reports. Donald Trump, architectural historian? Everyone into the Armageddon bunker!

Trump says the Crystal Room "worked well from inside, but wasn't good-looking from outside," and he'd "do something in keeping with the original brick structures." How's that one make you feel, Trump Soho neighbors? Trump has already talked to design firms that are skilled in the art of historic preservation, including Beyer Blinder Belle, masters of polishing up the old while adding some of the new. Does anyone else wish they were a fly on the wall when whomever answers the phones at BBB announced, "I have Donald Trump on the line?" Anyhoo, it's Bloomberg's move, and he doesn't seem to be a fan of Trump's plan. But what about this new, more sensitive Trump? We're in favor of anything that results in him pleading his case to the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
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