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Real Estate Investor's UES Aquarium Now $2.75M Cheaper

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An Upper East Side penthouse seems like a tame (or at least uninventive) abode for a real estate investor with a scandalous past. Or so we thought?until we got a look at the floorplan of Eric Hadar's condo at 200 East 65th Street's Bristol Plaza when it hit the market last fall. At that time, it was asking $26 million, and if the brokerbabble by Hadar's mother sounded a little over the top, well, the place does have a giant aquarium, a movie theater, and a double steam room, the products of Hadar's $12 million renovation. Plus, the "spacious laundry room is easily accessible to the children's wing," so the children won't have to be seen in the common areas while doing the household laundry. Fans of this place, it's your lucky day: it's now available for the low, low price of $23.5 million.

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