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Upper West Side's The Laureate Puts the Suburbs on the 1 Train

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[Renderings by dbox]

With buildings like 15 Central Park West and 535 West End Avenue hitting the market, there's been a wave of nostalgia sweeping the Upper West Side these last few years. It's one thing that hasn't disappeared with the bust: say hello to the UWS's newest imitation-prewar tower, SLCE Architects' The Laureate. We've been keeping an eye on the building's very rapid rise on Broadway and West 76th Street, and soon the building will hit market. It got some ink recently in the Journal, which called The Laureate's apartments?mostly three- to seven-bedrooms with an average price of $6 million?"essentially comfortable Westchester homes piled one on top of the other." That certainly paints a mental picture. Check out the actual pictures and floorplans in the gallery above. Do we finally have an uptown rival for Our Suburb?
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The Laureate

2150 broadway, New York, NY