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New Williamsburg Condo Comes With a Guest House

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Well, make that a guest room. Or a secluded bedroom. Or a...seriously, what should we call this? From the outside, the 9-unit South Third Lofts at 351 South 3rd Street is not unlike other new Williamsburg condo buildings. It also sports a typical breakdown of apartments, all studios, 1BRs and 2BRs. Typical except for #1B, that is. It's a duplex with more bathrooms than bedrooms (that would be 1.5 to 0). It also has a private garden, and beyond that, a 15-by-10 "rec room" with a little sink area and bathroom. The press materials from brokerage Aguayo & Huebener describe #1B as "a 1,161 square foot duplex with a private guest house." It's the only unit in the building with this odd configuration, and it's already spoken for.

The duplex studio with private garden and secret party cave was asking $449,000, which sounds reasonable for such a rare species, no? It's in contract, as are five other apartments in the building. The remaining listings start at $425,000, but let's take another moment to reflect on #1B. Here's the floorplan. So what would you call it?

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