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Village Townhouse Would Like $15.8M More Than '08 Price

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This townhouse at 47 West 9th Street last crossed our radar in 2008, when scamster and Anne Hathaway ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri checked it out. He vanished without paying the $1.5 million deposit on the house, which was then asking just under $16 million. It ultimately sold to an LLC for only $12,672,000, quite a discount considering the features highlighted in the old listing. Our favorite: "Bi-leveled garden...skylit and tropically planted." But it was still a multi-family property, according to the deed, and the new owner spent two years combining and renovating. Now the house is back and pricier than ever, with an ask of $28.5 million. To the garden have been added a screening room, gym, 1,000-bottle wine cellar, and staff quarters for the necessary gardeners and sommeliers. The listing doesn't yet have pictures, but there are enough floorplans for a before-and-after.
The floorplan from the 2008 listing:

And the current floorplan (click on the images to expand):

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