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Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Want His Key to Gramercy Park

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Imagine getting a glimpse into the private world of Karl Lagerfeld. What would it be like? All black-and-white? Dark sunglasses everywhere? Would there be a trampoline? We were hoping the announcement that The Kaiser is selling his 50 Gramercy Park North apartment would provide some insight into the life of the fashion legend, but sadly, the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports that Lagerfeld never bothered to move in to the sixth-floor unit he paid $6.575 million for in 2006. But that doesn't mean the listing (when it goes up) won't have any evidence of its owner. Chanel "will be doing an 'installation of images' in the apartment, and closets will be filled with Chanel bags, shoeboxes and garment bags." Now that's staging!

It seems that the Germans have a different way of doing things, because Lagerfeld is ready to take a big loss on the place right off the bat, despite the Ian Schrager-developed, John Pawson-designed 50 Gramercy Park North being a pretty darn snazzy building (residents get to abuse the staff of the Gramercy Park Hotel). Keil reports that Lagerfeld will ask just $5.5 million for the 3BR/3.5BA apartment. Maybe Uncle Karl wants to get away from those fattening flying chicken wings as quickly as possible?
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50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY 10010