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949 Park Avenue Officially Kicks Off Sales With Sushi

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Event: The sales launch for 949 Park Avenue, the Upper East Side's newest glassy sliver building. The units have been "quietly" on the market for some time, but the marketing team is ramping up its efforts.
In the House: The project's broker, Elliman's Leonel Piraino, and assorted other Elliman brokers. Our buddies from StreetEasy. And a camera crew from Million Dollar Listing, which?spoiler alert!?will apparently be covering the building in an episode of its upcoming NYC spinoff.
Menu: Sushi, assembled in front of us. Our verdict: pretty tasty! Everyone else's verdict: judging by the cutting in the sushi line, probably the same.
Dress code: Broker chic, with the occasional UES-appropriate fur coat thrown in.
Gift Bag Contents: No gift bag! But in dimensions, the building brochure is to most building brochures we've seen as 949 Park is to the rest of Park Avenue.
What We Saw: Elliman's Madison Avenue gallery space. The party was held there, with blown-up photos of the model units on screens and on the walls. Our snaps of those snaps in the gallery above. (Pardon the amateur photography.)
What We Didn't See: The actual building. Word is the lobby's not quite ready for walk-throughs.
The Skinny: Literally! This isn't Park Avenue's only new narrow glass tower, but such things are still rare in this part of the Upper East Side. So far, the building's broker told us, he's seen strong buyer interest in two of the duplex apartments, but nothing's in contract yet.
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949 Park Avenue

949 Park Avenue, New York, NY