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Almost Snack Time at District; Bowery's Billy is Not Happy

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?We love observing the combination of luxury residential properties with low-end retail tenants, but mostly we're just pointing out that FiDi's super-swank District is getting a Red Mango and a Crisp to run this e-mail from a tipster: "District gets some company for its Chipotle. More places for buyers to meet with their lawyers." [CurbedWire Inbox]

SOHO/NOHO?In the latest Old Bowery vs. Bowery 2.0 scrape (though neither party is technically on the Bowery), Billy Leroy of Billy's Antiques is trashing upscale boutique Rag & Bone on Racked. The subway sign dealer (he was arrested last year for his troubles) has this to say about his neighbor's new subway faux-signage: "This is why the Bowery has become totally lame..the sign in there window is a repro subway sign made of foamcore.. it is so uncreative and stupid...but who's to blame them.... are they not the from the Midwest?" [Racked NY]