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Greenpoint Homeowners Saved From Stoop Slaughter!

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The residents of Monitor Street between Nassau and Norman Avenues in Greenpoint got quite the surprise when the city announced a plan to widen their sidewalks as part of a street reconstruction. It meant that homeowners would have to remove any "encroachments" like gates, walls and parts of many front stoops. Needless to say, the people weren't happy. But now a coalition of local politicians has announced that the road work has been delayed for two years, and when it kicks off again, a more public-friendly plan will be put into place. Why? The city is waiting until it can acquire the title to all three blocks where the street reconstruction is planned, instead of just digging up this one block of Monitor Street while waiting on the other two. Power to the 'point!

Here's the vital passage from the statement put out by Assemblyman Joe Lentol's office:

Originally the project was supposed to include three blocks, Monitor between Nassau and Greenpoint but because the city doesn’t have title between Norman and Greenpoint it dropped down to one block. “I was gratified to learn today that they will be postponing the project until they can acquire the title to all three blocks which should take at least two years. I also have in writing that when they do undertake work on those three blocks of Monitor street, the work will be done with a plan designed to have as minimal impact on the residents as possible,” said Joe Lentol. “This gives us plenty of time to come up with a plan that has full community input for the planning and accommodates the needs of the community and their houses.”
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