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One Year, One $7.75 Million Profit at Superior Ink?

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We know: the title of biggest Superior shocker has already been claimed. But any attempted flip in downtown 15 Central Park West rival Superior Ink is worthy of note, and this is one of the gutsy ones. The 3,610-square-foot #11AB last sold in January 2010 for $9.75 million. It returned to market today asking a whopping $17.5 million, or $4,847/square foot. So who's our Superior Ink daredevil? Unclear! But past building sales records offer a few breadcrumbs for us to follow. The entity that purchased the apartment last year is Superior Townhouse 4 LLC, so we checked out the last sale of that property.
Sadly, that buyer, too, was hidden behind a corporate name, Newmaglo Investment Limited. Townhouse 4 was purchased in September, so is its new owner trying to ditch his other Superior Ink pad? Or is this just a case of misleading LLC names sending us into wild speculation?

Either way, the for-sale #11AB looks pretty good. But $17.5 million good?

· Listing: 400 West 12th Street [Town Residential]
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