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Sam Sifton's Guide to Brooklyn: Don't Forget to Visit Hipchester!

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The New York Times Travel section has just unveiled its latest "36 Hours in...," and this time the Gray Lady didn't have to look far for inspiration. The foreign land being explored is Brooklyn (guess that would be a long trip for the paper's Upper West Side base), and the travel guide is written by none other than the NYT's chief restaurant critic, Sam Sifton. Some of Sifton's recommendations to tourists: A stroll on the promenade, a show at St. Ann's or BAM, a meal at Prime Meats or Buttermilk Channel ("Ten minutes before the end of your meal, have the host call for a car," he advises), and a visit to Hipchester. Say wha? That's Sifton's nickname for Williamsburg and Greenpoint, "north Brooklyn's youth-culture Marrakesh." An excellent description, but maybe all of Brooklyn should just be called Dixie? After all, the entire borough has gone country!
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