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The 109 Square Foot Lawsuit at 110 Livingston: 4 Years Later

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If you'll remember a few years back we covered the couple that was planning on suing 110 Livingston developer Two Trees for misrepresenting the square footage on their 2 bedroom unit. The floorplan said that the bedrooms, living room and kitchen covered 743 square feet which ended up being just 634 square feet. One half of the couple, Rishi Bhandari, just happens to be a lawyer and he's taking Two Trees to court seeking $330,000 in "compensatory damages for wasted closing and legal fees and “loss of use and investment return” from the apartment, as well as any punitive damages the jury might see fit to award him." The case is going to the Brooklyn Supreme Court this Monday and we'll be following this one.

Back when this lawsuit was still just a seedling, some other residents of the building also came out, and we have the most famous one here for you:

We residents of 110 Livingston are going to have to go after Walentas AGAIN. First we were lied to about our square footage when we bought, then the construction workers that were here steal from us (you get a little upset). Then it just gets better when the Heating & Air system was not working forever!!! And gosh forbid you turn on your water. You never know what your going to get HOT or COLD. Speaking of water, now it seems many in the building have MOLD yes I didn't exaggerate MOLD. Probably from all the FLOODS that have occurred in the building. Not to say I'm not glad about something I can finally use my intercom every once in a while. Who knows when I will be able to use it all the time. WE PAID ENOUGH FOR OUR HOMES TO EXPECT BETTER. · Suit Over Brooklyn Condo's Size Claims Deception [NYT]
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