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Creating a NoHo Triplex By Building Up

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Zak Tucker moved into a 450 square foot studio on Mercer Street in NoHo back in 2003 and by 2005 he had bought it for $500,000. For a single guy that might be enough space but that whole falling in love and having a kid thing happened and suddenly the space was just not cutting it. After a neighbor suggested that they use the air rights to build up, the couple decided that was the way to go. After spending a year going through the motions and red tape, they began construction which ended up costing $275,000, slightly more than the $225,000 they initially budgeted. It's now configured as a 1,350 square foot triplex with the living area on the first floor, a nursery and office on the second floor and the bedroom on the third. With the exception of the inexplicable ugly red chairs in the living room, we really like the interior. It's simple and clean, and the blond wood really works with the aesthetic they're going for. Oh, and the bed they sleep in used to be owned by the guy who played Big in "Sex and the City". So...there's that.

· The Accordion Apartment in NoHo [NYT]