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Part of Landmark Williamsburg Bank Building Getting Torn Down

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The future of the landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank at 175 Broadway just over the 'Burg Bridge is still a mystery, but one part of the plan is now a bit more clear. The scaffolding that went up around the un-landmarked wing of the building at 151 Broadway has bloomed into full-on wrapping, and a Department of Buildings permit calls for the demolition of the top two floors. Other than that? Er, we're not sure. Local developer and hostel owner Juan Figueroa purchased the beloved building from HSBC for $4.5 million in cash late last year under the LLC name "175 Broadway Hospitality." The architect listed on the permit is Bosch Architecture. Any more intel out there, Williamsburg moles?

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Williamsburgh Savings Bank

175 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211