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Greenpoint Gets Old-Fashioned, Sells Out a Condo Building

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When it hit the market in October 2009, commenters, at least, were skeptical that the marriage of a Williamsburg-style industrial gray brick facade and vintage interiors would be enough to sell Greenpoint's Century Vintage. It took some time, but the former Development Du Jour has emerged triumphant. The 31-unit building has officially sold out, the Brooklyn Eagle reports (though StreetEasy shows one unit back on the market after a hiatus). Original asking prices ranged from $475,000 to $599,000, and final sales prices from $485,000 to $659,000. Guess there is demand for oversized farm sinks and staged old-timey lobbies in Greenpoint, as long as they also come with a roof deck and parking spots.

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The Century Vintage

100 Engert Avenue, Brooklyn, New York