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Rich Russian Couple Ready for Near-Record Buy at the Plaza

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We guess news of the post-Sheen decline at the Plaza took a little while to get to Russia. Too long for composer Igor Krutoy and his wife Olga, who are in contract to pay more than $40 million for a 6,000-square-foot combo condo at the Plaza. The unit was never officially on the market, but that won't stop it from being the second priciest sale of an apartment or townhouse since the collapse of the market, the Journal notes. Take that, 15 Central Park West!

Or not. The Krutoys actually spent some time touring 15 CPW, too, and made offers on several units in the building, including a terraced duplex and the part of the 35th floor where A-Rod sleeps. The Krutoys didn't talk to the Journal, so we don't know whether they lost out on 15 CPW or whether their hearts truly lie with the Plaza. If the latter, well, there's our feel-good Valentine's Day story.
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