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With Cleanup Coming, Everyone Wants a Piece of Gowanus

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It's been two weeks since the Environmental Protection Agency confirmed the toxicity of the Gowanus Canal and set the dates for its 10-year cleanup. Which means the Gowanus Canal real estate boom New York Magazine notes that a house on Bond Street recently sold for a neighborhood record of $3 million within two months of hitting the market. The buyer is a doctor, one of a wave of white coats moving to the neighborhood. Smart move: any up-and-coming neighborhood near a toxic waste dump needs doctors. According to New York Mag, open houses have been crowded the last few weekends, but no one mentions the Superfund cleanup. In fact, some of them like the proximity to the canal because, as one local architect says, "as contaminated as it is, [it] represents nature." Um, right. Did Toll Brothers make the wrong call?
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