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Boardwalk Shocker: Coney Island 8 Invited Back for Summer?

The eight Coney Island boardwalk businesses fighting their ouster by landlord Zamperla USA had a strategy: call themselves by a compelling and dramatic name?the Coney Island 8?and drag the legal proceedings out as long as possible, in the hope that Zamperla would be willing to have them back next summer. Surprise: it worked! Amusing the Zillion reports that Zamperla is waiting for the businesses to sign their new lease by tomorrow, the dispute's next scheduled court date. If the deal gets signed, Ruby's Bar, Paul's Daughter, and the other businesses will be able to stay at their current locations (with the exception of the recently-bulldozed Shoot the Freak, which would be moved) until November 1. Time for the Freak to brace himself for the another season of paintballs to the face.
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