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Fun New Toy: 311 Complaints Map; Vintage Fifth Ave. Interiors

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NYC?Don't accuse the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications of never doing anything fun! Check out the new 311 Online Service Request Map, which provides a window into what people are complaining about, and where. As Gothamist points out, users can browse "location-specific information about 311 complaints across 15 major categories, including air and water quality, construction, noise, quality of life, snow, streets and sidewalks, transit and parking." The map is updated with new complaints every 24 hours. Above, a look at noise complaints in residential buildings. What's going on behind closed doors up in WaHI? []

MIDTOWN?Based on what Curbed commenters have been saying, the interior landmarking of the Manufacturers Trust Company Building at 510 Fifth Avenue is a bit controversial. But let's harken back to a more peaceful time! The Municipal Arts Society has unearthed the original 1955 brochure welcoming the building's new tenants, which shows off the original Modernist interiors in all their glory before they were messed with. The whole thing is very Draper-esque. [MAS]

510 Fifth Avenue

510 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY