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How Today's Youth Live in LIC: In a Loft With No Walls

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Readers of the Village Voice between 1997 and 2006 may have fond memories of "Shelter," the column that poked its nose inside New Yorkers' homes. Friends, you're in luck: the paper is bringing the column back in an online-only format, with the first five installments this week. The Voice kicks things off with a look back at the column's first-ever subject, Lois Morris. In 1997, she was paying under $1,000/month for a 1,200-square-foot pad in the East Village. Today, she's in a Gramercy duplex. Nice!

Still near the beginning of their rags-to-riches story are the residents of a $3,000/month Long Island City loft, shared by a group of mostly Australians who pay $600/month each. The pluses: the space is so big its residents can ride bicycles inside, have set up a recording studio, and have a projection screen for weekly movie nights. The minuses: none of the bedroom walls reach the ceiling, so there are no sexytimes allowed. And if the landlord has his way, he'll be booting the residents out to redevelop the building as luxury apartments. Welcome back to the dancefloor, Shelter. Not a bad first day.
· Shelter: See How the Other Eight Million Live [Village Voice]