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Architects Design Utopian Subway Stop for Hudson Yards

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Not only is Hudson Yards the city's next great neighborhood/last undeveloped frontier, with lots of glassy new towers and a major mall headed its way in the next few years, but it's also the city's best playground for subway architects. Capital New York attended a presentation by those architects last week, where they shared their vision (above) for the new 7 train extension at 34th Street and 11th Avenue. It's got lots of glassy curves to let in light, and it's going up from scratch, so it's as close as its engineers and architects will probably ever get to the ideal subway station. Plus, there won't be too many people around to mess things up! There's just one problem: if the station at 10th Avenue and 41st Street ever gets funding, there would have to be, er, a few design changes made.
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Hudson Yards

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