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Long Island City's Murano Makes an Online Enemy

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In the past few days we've noticed a rash of comments on old Curbed posts about the Murano, the new Long Island City condo building with the wacky light clock. There are slight variations to the comments, but most read something like this: "If you google 'big stupid light on building in LIC' an article on this building comes up. No surprise there." So we tried it out, and indeed, if you Google "big stupid light on building in LIC," the Murano does come up?because of a bunch of comments left on blogs telling people to Google "big stupid light on building in LIC." Poor Murano, it's getting Google bombed! Actually, poor anonymous Murano critic. Once the developers figure out this person's identity, you know they're going to toss the culprit into the moat.
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