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Rumored Broderick-Parker Building Now Offering Something New

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Only one apartment traded hands in The Brentmore at 88 Central Park West in 2010. The year before that? Again, just one sale. Guess people like sticking around in this century-old co-op, but it looked like 2011's quota was going to be filled on the early side thanks to Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker taking a rumored interest in Loews heiress Laurie Tisch's $21.5 million duplex. But that apartment was put back on the market, and The Brentmore could stop worrying about swarms of paparazzi disturbing its calm. Now another apartment has hit the market. It's nonstop action inside this old-timer!

No famous names attached to this one, at least not yet. We're looking at #11S and its eight rooms, half of which have direct Central Park views. The asking price is $12.5 million, and the buyer who gets by the board will enjoy "a living room with a decorative fire place, a formal dining room with coffered ceilings, three master bedrooms (one of which is now a music room), three windowed baths, a staff room, and a handsome renovated eat-in-kitchen enlarged by a former staff room." And don't forget about that "dressing closet" that's bigger than some NYC bedrooms. Here's the floorplan porn:

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88 Central Park West

88 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023