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Window Work Still Needed at Tribeca Hotel, Commission Says

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Even a 2009 building collapse can't stop the conversion of Tribeca's 87 Chambers Street, whose owners are still determined to turn it into a boutique hotel. Architects Goldstein, Hill & West unveiled the new limestone-facaded design a few weeks ago, and yesterday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission weighed in. And the members...were not totally on board.

The commissioners did not vote on the project, but instead sent the architects away to work on designing a building that's a better fit with the neighborhood, the Journal notes. How so? The windows. The commissioners thought the window openings were too flat, and the architects need to work on "more richness in terms of texture and articulation." Hey, the building's recovering from a trauma, okay?
The pre-collapse design, by a different architect, included the conversion of an old building that has since been demolished, but there are still some similarities:

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87 Chambers Street

87 Chambers Street, New York, NY