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New Coney Island Condos; Fatal Fire at Illegal Apartment

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CONEY ISLAND?Has the Coney Island real estate boom already started? The city's redevelopment plan will plant several high-rises near the amusements, but Amusing the Zillion reports that a small 11-unit building is currently under construction on the western end of the boardwalk at 32nd Street. Prices start at $685,000, which sounds pretty high, but hey, we're talking beachfront condos here! [Amusing the Zillion]

EAST NEW YORK?A fatal fire way out east in Brooklyn at 568 Drew Street today has Department of Buildings commish Robert LiMandri renewing his warning about illegal apartments: "Our inspectors have determined the cellar of this two-story building was illegally converted into an apartment, and it appears the lack of a second means of egress prevented the resident from escaping during the fire. This tragedy could have been prevented, which is why we continue to educate New Yorkers about the signs and dangers of living in these illegal dwellings." [CurbedWire Inbox]