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Dolly Lenz is Tired of Making Other Brokers Look Bad

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Did Michael Jordan ever voluntarily take himself out of the MVP voting? He certainly did not, which just goes to show the magnitude of this moment. Outspoken superbroker Dolly Lenz, fresh off her eighth consecutive award for being Prudential Douglas Elliman's #1 agent, will no longer be eligible for the award starting this year. Lenz, nicknamed "Jaws" by disgraced former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski (a client!), has "graciously agreed" to the arrangement, a press release notes, in order to give someone else a shot. Instead she'll be given a new honor called the Stratosphere Award, which comes with the power to command that the Earth now revolve around her. Dolly's been quiet since the Apthorp flap, but then again, it's hard to hear someone who's flying so high.
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