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First On Prospect Park Penthouse Finally Sells for $3.97M

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In five years of tracking sales at Richard Meier's glassy On Prospect Park, there's one thing we haven't seen any of. Penthouses! The reason is simple: none have sold. But today, finally, after perhaps even more months on the market than there have been building-induced bird deaths, the Observer reports that the first penthouse has closed. The buyer is a trust connected with the Kanfer family, the folks behind Purrell hand sanitizer, and they paid $3,971,175, or approximately 992,931 bottles of Purrell. Hey, we can't think of anyone better to handle those pale walls. Compared to past PriceChoppage, the Kanfers' discount was small, 3 percent off the unit's original $4.1M ask. Perhaps they should have gotten a better deal in exchange for getting the ball rolling: the broker tells the Observer another building penthouse is in contract, with the other three to hit the market this spring. Finally.
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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238