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Architects to Turn P.S. 1 Space Into Summer's Hottest Hyperboloid

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[All images via Interboro Partners.]

Every summer Long Island City's MoMA P.S. 1 museum hands over its walled-in courtyard to an up-and-coming architecture firm. The annual design competition, called the Young Architects Program, has helped boost the careers of celebrated firms like SHoP Architects and WORK Architecture Company, and the installations are often as wacky as the firms' thoughts on the rules of capitalization. Last year P.S. 1 had a Pole Dance, and this year, the NYT's Arts Beat blog revealed, it will have a Holding Pattern. That's the name of the winning proposal submitted by Interboro Partners, a firm based out of Brooklyn's craziest office building. This should be good.

Holding Pattern can be broken down into two main parts. First, the ropes. To accentuate the odd shape of the courtyard and completely mess with the minds of attendees of P.S. 1's Warm Up concert series, ropes will be strung from holes in the concrete wall to the parapet across the courtyard. As Interboro explains on its website, "In the same way that Hugh Ferris reveals the potential of New York City's 1916 zoning code by drawing the theoretical building envelope, we reveal the very odd, idiosyncratic space of the courtyard and simultaneously create an inexpensive and column-free space for the activity below. From the ground, the experience is of a soaring hyperboloid surface." Architects and geometry tutors? These guys are talented!

Then there's the community junkyard. Pardon us, the "new take on recycling." Interboro went around to P.S. 1's neighbors asking what useful items they'd like to see included. There will be an "eclectic collection of objects-including benches, mirrors, ping-pong tables, and flood lights." Sounds like a weird neighbor's basement, and we're guessing Long Island City wouldn't have it any other way.
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