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Sam Chang Reviving Plan for 44-Story Hotel in FiDi

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Even the folks who hate the hotels designed for developer Sam Chang by architect Gene Kaufman might not have a big problem with this one. Chang bought the lot and nine-story parking garage at 99 Washington Street, just south of Ground Zero, for $17 million in 2005. Then he demolished the garage and unveiled plans for a 40-story Radisson Financial designed by Kaufman, with construction set to kick off in 2008. The world took a turn and the property remained untouched, even while the 57-story W New York Downtown hotel/condo went up a few doors down. Now the Tribeca Trib reports that Chang is set to pick this one back up, and the plan now calls for a 44-story Holiday Inn. Construction is "about to commence," his attorney said. Upgrade over a parking garage and empty lot?
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99 Washington Street

99 Washington Street, New York, NY 10006