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$7M Jane Street Townhouse Just Wants Love, and a Few Repairs

For those who can't quite get their wallets to cough up the dough for Adam Gordon's renovation of 60 Jane Street, good news. Er, sorta. The house next door, at 62 Jane Street, is available for a slightly lower price?but only after a long relationship with the PriceChopper. The house was originally listed in October '08 for $8 million and has since been chopped all the way down to $6.995 million, with a fresh listing as of yesterday. Why the scissors to the price tag? It might have something to do with the fact that the 1846 original details and owner's triplex-plus-rental setup will need to be "lovingly restored or newly interpreted by your architect." A Brownstoner commenter predicted a few years ago that the place would sell for $4 million. Does 62 Jane need to rekindle things with the Chopper? The latest listing lacks pics or a floorplan, but we dug up a few from an old listing.

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