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Popular Queens Shopping Mall Getting Torn Down for Parking

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Queens's Flushing Mall isn't what we would call a must-visit shopping destination, but for foodies with a sense of adventure and a taste for Asian delights, it's practically a tourist attraction. As one Yelp reviewer recently put it, "I am convinced the food court subsidizes all the other stores in this place. For surely no one comes here to shop." Pretty soon no one will go there to do, well, anything.

The 150,000-square-foot mall at 133-15 39th Avenue will soon be closed and demolished, YourNabe reports. Why? To make way for 647 parking spots for Flushing Commons, the controversial mixed-use megaproject that includes 600 new apartments and some retail space of its own. Construction on Flushing Commons is expected to kick off next year, so enjoy the dan dan noodles and Taiwanese shaved ice while there's still time.
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