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Stanford Planning to Invade New York City With Science

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Back in December, Mayor Bloomberg issued a call for a university to partner with the city to build a science research campus. Our minds jumped immediately to NYU, which was already considering proposed research campus site Governors Island for its city-swallowing expansion. Instead, turns out we should have been looking west. Waaaay west. The San Jose Mercury News reports that Stanford is submitting a formal "expression of interest" in creating the campus (along with MIT, Cornell, Purdue, and schools in India and Israel). The sites the city's offered include the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Navy Hospital Campus, the Goldwater Hospital Campus on Roosevelt Island, Staten Island's Farm Colony, and Governors Island. So what exactly will be happening in one of those places?

Stanford's plan will call for New York-based computer science and electrical engineering departments, from which graduate students could earn degrees with a little distance learning from the university's California half. (Bloomberg hopes the city will be able to hang onto more tech talent that way.) Eventually, the program might widen in subject matter and include undergrads. Will Stanford's subtle takeover approach succeed where NYU has struggled?
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?Brooklyn Navy Yard hospital photo via Brownstoner.